Comprehensive care.

Haven't been to a dentist lately? Not a problem. With a comprehensive treatment plan, you will be able to decide which treatment options best suit your needs.

Cosmetic dentistry.

Cosmetic dentistry is a unique form of operative dentistry. This includes treatment such as veneers, bleaching, and esthetic restorations. The treatment may appear very similar to other dental procedures. While the materials may be similar, the difference is in the time, planning and technique sensitivity required to achieve an esthetic result- most of which is accomplished behind the scenes. To ensure a satisfactory cosmetic result, it is important to choose a dentist that is passionate about cosmetic dentistry and shares a similar vision as you, so that you are able to achieve the overall cosmetic result you are looking for.

Internal & external bleaching.

Bleaching or whitening teeth is now a common esthetic treatment. Two basic bleaching techniques exist: internal and external. External bleaching is typically achieved by using trays that deliver a peroxide gel to the teeth for a particular length of time. Often times external bleaching is planned when bleaching all or multiple teeth is necessary for a desired outcome. Internal bleaching is a more complex treatment process. Endodontic treatment is necessary prior to performing internal bleaching. This treatment is often planned for individual dark gray or brown teeth; this discoloration is typically the result of trauma to the face.

CAD/CAM dentistry.

CAD/CAM dentistry for fabricating dental crowns has become more popular as computers have continued to advance over the years. CAD/CAM dentistry allows us to take digital impressions rather than conventional impressions. Digital impressions are taken using a special camera in the mouth, which makes a 3-D image on a computer. The crown can then be designed on the computer and milled in our office in many cases. In some instances, this eliminates a second appointment for our patients- offering convenience and saving our patients time.

Oral surgery & periodontal treatment.

This includes extractions (both non-surgical and surgical) and periodontal treatment of the hard and soft tissues (ie: bone and gums) surrounding and stabilizing the teeth. Selected cases may include scaling/root planing, esthetic gingival recontouring, crown lengthening procedures and frenectomies. Case selection is extremely important when treatment planning these procedures. Moderate to advanced cases will likely be referred to a specialist. The specialist and general dentist will work together on your treatment plan. An appointment with a general dentist should be scheduled to determine whether a referral to a specialist is necessary.

Preventive care.

This is the most important dental treatment. Dental cleanings, fluoride application and sealants are typical preventive treatments. These treatments are usually performed by dental staff other than the dentist, such as a dental assistant or hygienist. Without proper maintenance and oral hygiene, all other dental treatments will require retreatment and/or fail altogether. Routine cleanings and proper at-home care significantly increase the longevity of dental treatment, resulting in an overall drastic reduction in dental treatment expenses.

Implant dentistry.

Dental implants have quickly become more popular over the past decade, largely due to their success rate and overall patient satisfaction. Schedule an appointment to determine if a dental implant is right for you. If you choose to have a dental implant, we will work together with a specialist to provide you an excellent result.

Endodontic treatment.

Also known as root canal treatment or therapy. Root canal treatment is safe, predictable and very often completed with minimal discomfort. If discomfort is present, it almost always occurs prior to initiating root canal treatment, which is what brings the patient into the dental office in the first place. This pre-operative pain may not immediately subside following endodontic treatment. Accurate pre-operative diagnosis, post-operative instruction and proper medication help to alleviate any discomfort associated with endodontic treatment.

Operative dentistry.

Commonly known as "fillings" and "crowns." This type of care is typically performed to treat dental disease and trauma. The treatment can be separated into two basic categories: "metal" or "tooth colored" restorations. There are multiple different materials that satisfy both of these categories; in general, "tooth colored" restorations focus on esthetics, while "metal" restorations typically last longer in the mouth.

Prosthetic dentistry.

Bridges, partial dentures and crowns are all considered prosthodontic treatment. Prosthodontic treatment is often performed in the final sequence of a comprehensive treatment plan, after all dental disease is stable. This can be frustrating to patients, because often times patients simply want immediate results and a beautiful smile. Many times prosthodontic treatment is necessary to establish or rehabilitate the smile. More often than not, it is necessary to have all dental disease under control prior to completing prosthodontic treatment. As a patient, try not to let this "waiting period" frustrate you; it is a normal part of the process and well worth the wait.


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So friendly and professional. Had to replace a 3 previous fillings and they were very fast. Under an hour. I thought for sure it would be all afternoon.


I thank you so very much for the dental repair - especially on short/no notice, on Good Friday. Thanks again for the extra efforts!


My wife was very pleased with how you treated her dental emergency. I want to personally thank you for the kind and thoughtful way you treated her.


I have been going to Dr. Sloan for about 10 years now, and have always had a great experience. I recently saw Dr. Gremore and was impressed with him as well. All the staff members are nice and courteous.


If you've developed a fear of going to the dentist from your childhood, this is the place to come and not fear anymore! They're so nice even if your teeth need some extra love!


I have gone to Dr. Sloan for over 30 years. He retired and left his practice in excellent hands.

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